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Artificial Grass Installer In Manchester

Artificial Grass Installation In Manchester

Expert artificial grass installation services for homeowners and businesses in Manchester. We offer free design consultations to discuss your garden and landscaping requirements upfront. Once we understand your vision we can deliver it!

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Artificial Grass Guru – 10+ Years In Business In Manchester

Artificial Grass Installation In Manchester

We have over 10 years’ of experience installing beautiful artificial grass in Manchester, tailoring our expertise to suit the diverse needs of those looking to revolutionise their garden spaces within this vibrant city. Our dedicated team works with the best suppliers in the area to source natural-looking, low-maintenance artificial grass that is expertly installed, ensuring your lawn maintains its lush appearance year-round.

Over the course of our ten years in business, we have modified countless garden projects throughout Greater Manchester, and our Manchester clients have benefited from competitive pricing and premium finishes that are tailored to the demands of the region’s environment. Selecting a team that can handle any obstacle is crucial when selecting an artificial grass installer in Manchester. To make sure your outside space is as useful as it is beautiful, we provide a variety of additional services in addition to our artificial grass services in Manchester, including flagging, pavement, landscaping, fence, decking, and border building.

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Landscape Turf

Landscape turf offers a green lawn all year round, without the need for watering, mowing, or fertilising. Perfect for both residential and commercial spaces.

Pet Turf

Designed for four-legged friends, pet artificial grass is made with durability and hygiene in mind. This artificial grass features a highly permeable backing for drainage.

Playground Turf

Playground turf is for safety and fun, making it an ideal surface for children’s play areas. With a soft, cushioned base layer to absorb impacts, it reduces the risk of injuries.

Sport Turf

Sport turf is designed to accommodate the rigors of various athletic activities, from football to golf. It provides a consistent, all-weather playing surface.

We Are Expert Installers

Artificial Grass Expertly Fitted In Manchester

We supply artificial grass in a wide range of textures, blade lengths and prices to suit all tastes and budgets. Personalise your garden with deep or light grass colour shades and choose short or long pile grass blades to your preference.

Our expert installers level and prepare the ground to create a suitable base before laying the turf. All waste, rubble and debris is removed from your home so you’re free to relax and revel in your transformed garden.

Our customers receive expert workmanship and 5-star customer service throughout the project, and we use high-quality products at each stage of groundworks and installation.

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About Artificial Grass Guru

The Artificial Grass Guru is a family-owned business (Brothers Ross & Dean) who have over 10 years’ experience in laying artificial grass/turf across Greater Manchester and Cheshire. We do what it takes to transform gardens at competitive prices and make your vision a reality, no matter your requirements.

We take pride in our work and have completed numerous projects in and around Greater Manchester. We make sure gardens are designed to your expectations and that the work is undertaken to the highest standards of professionalism and quality.

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Recent Artificial Grass Projects

Take a look at some of the artificial grass projects we have recently completed. All of these clients were extremely happy with the result we provided them.

Artificial Grass

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What Are The Benefits of Artificial Grass?

With professionally put artificial grass that is vibrant green, low maintenance, and natural-looking, you can completely change the outside landscape of your home. For both major and small jobs, we provide artificial grass installation services to Manchester area homeowners and business owners. “Fake lawns,” or artificial grass, guarantee that you will spend more time enjoying your gargen and less time maintaining it!

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Modern artificial grass is difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Do away with the mud and back breaking work and instead enjoy a green, manicured lawn all year-round.

Ideal for Older Homeowners2023-11-09T08:36:11+00:00

The lack of maintenance makes synthetic grass perfect for older or disabled users who find it difficult to mow and sustain real grass. An artificial lawn is an even, flat surface free of trip hazards that is safe for elderly and wheelchair users alike.

Flexible Design2023-11-09T08:35:59+00:00

Unfortunately, the sun doesn’t always shine in Manchester. Artificial grass can be used in places where it’s not always possible to grow real grass, whether that be in shady areas or poor ground conditions. Synthetic turf can even be installed on roofs, sloping ground, indoors or in non-accessible areas. The design options are endless!

Safe for Children & Pets2023-11-09T08:35:43+00:00

Manufactured from non-toxic materials, artificial grass is the perfect surface for children and pets to play, run, roll and jump around. No need for harmful pesticides or fertilisers.

Low Maintenance2023-11-09T08:35:32+00:00

Mowing, strimming, feeding, watering and reseeding are a thing of the past. Artificial grass is nearly maintenance free. Brushing away debris occasionally can extend lawn life to beyond 20 years.

Save Time and Money2023-11-09T08:35:18+00:00

With artificial grass, gone are the days of mowing the lawn every other week, feeding the grass and buying expensive mowing equipment. You also lower your water bills and maintenance costs to zero.

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5 stars

Jacqui Williams

“Went through all the options with my mum, gave her a great quote and were able to do the job quickly. They did a great job and tidied everything up when finished. Looks amazing and my mum is over the moon! Definitely recommend them to anyone.”

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5 stars

Emma Evans

“Completely transformed my garden from a mud pit to somewheremy children and dog can play without bringing all the mud back into the house. Good value for money and looks great. Thanks Ross”

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5 stars

Steph Pinkerton

“Fantastic service, very polite hard working blokes. I’m so happy I’ve asked for more work to be done on the front garden this time as I was so pleased with the back garden. A professional job and met another quote.”

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5 stars

Gary Berrisford

“We have our decking removed and flags and a new rail fitted. Ross and the team were great, kept us informed with the work, and arrived every day on time. The garden looks great now. Amazing service and great quality and value for money.”

Your Artificial Grass Questions Answered

We receive loads of questions all the time about artificial grass. We’ve decided to compile the 6 most common questions we get, and answer them all in once place.

How does artificial grass cope with drainage?2023-11-09T09:25:05+00:00

The grass is designed with a slippery backing and allows water to flow out of it. It should not cause waterlogging in wet UK conditions, as long as it is properly installed.

Can I install artificial grass on my own?2023-11-09T09:24:34+00:00

DIY installation is possible, but for a professional look and longevity of the product, it’s often recommended to hire a professional installer like us, Artificial Grass Guru, especially to deal with the unique challenges of UK gardens and designs. To get the best look, use a professional installer.

Can pets use gardens with artificial grass?2023-11-09T09:23:32+00:00

Absolutely. Artificial grass’s good for your pet. It’s easy to clean and it doesn’t get messy, which is ideal for a pet. In order to obtain the best results, one should select a product that is specifically formulated for use with dogs.

Does artificial grass require any maintenance?2023-11-09T09:22:53+00:00

Compared to normal grass, artificial grass does not require any maintenance. It is usually sufficient to brush regularly to lift the pile and to wash periodically to remove the debris.

How long does artificial grass last in the UK?2023-11-09T09:22:15+00:00

With proper installation and maintenance, high-quality artificial grass can last up to 15-20 years in the UK, even with the variable British climate.

Is artificial grass suitable for UK weather conditions?2023-11-09T09:22:02+00:00

Yes, the weather in the United Kingdom, including rain, occasional snow, and limited sunshine, is very suitable for artificial grass. It is designed for quick drain, UV resistance and durability over the course of the year.

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